The unreleased tracks

We have been living this incredible adventure by your side for almost 12 years now. From the first line of code to the last costume, Incredibox has taken us on a journey sailing the seas of emotion. Today our boxes and hard drives are overflowing with memories, models and unfinished ideas. The Unreleased brings together a selection of 9 tracks that have never before been made public, all recorded during our many demo phases. Since we have always loved listening to them, we find it a shame not to share them with you. So, like on the 10th Anniversary album, we have taken great care to rearrange each track just for you!

Incredibox 10th Anniversary

On September 2019, Incredibox celebrated its 10th anniversary. For this joyous occasion, we made an album! Our 7 musical atmospheres has been (wonderfully) rearranged to create a collection of 7 exclusives tracks. Plunge back into every atmosphere of your favorite app with an eclectic tracklist, a bracing blend of jazz grooves, hip hop beats, radiant pop, dancefloor vibes, samba rhythms, trap waves and joyful Indian drone. Guys and gals, thank you so much for believing in us since day one! Keep making those crazy beats and keep on sharing them around!