Incredibox for schools

We have designed a special way for schools, teachers and students to use Incredibox. Get access to the entire Incredibox universe, using a computer or a tablet, directly from an Internet browser. Our website is ad-free, secure and tailored to the world of education. Select a number of licenses based on the size of your school and benefit from special volume pricing. Organize your classes in a few clicks and let your students express all their musical creativity, in class and at home!
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Dedicated access for schools - Incredibox for schools
Organize your classrooms - Incredibox for schools
Manage your students - Incredibox for schools
Review your students' mixes - Incredibox for schools
Let your students express their musical creativity - Incredibox for schools

Manage your students' access

As the account administrator, you can create classes and add as many students as you have licenses during the chosen period. You provide each student with a username and password to enable them to log onto their Incredibox for schools account. Our management interface allows you to manage your classes and review all the mixes your students have created.

Privacy guaranteed

In order to ensure the privacy of your students, we will not collect any information about them. They will not be asked for any personal information to access Incredibox for schools, not even an email address. As well, the mixes your students dream up will not leave the class space you have created.

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