Privacy Policy

Last update on 28th of february 2019 At So Far So Good, the French company behind Incredibox, we take privacy seriously.
This policy is designed to let you know clearly what information we may collect and how we use it. We may change or update our Privacy Policy at any time. This Privacy Policy is also part of the Terms and Conditions of Use. If you don't agree with it, just don't use our site and services. If you have any questions feel free to contact us, we'll be happy to answer you.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation or “GDPR”, you have right of access, rectification, or objection to your personal data by contacting our support by email using this form. However, remember that if we need to collect some of your personal data, it's first of all to improve our game and to ensure the proper functioning of the technical part of Incredibox. Our goal is, above all, to entertain you by offering you the best possible experience.

Please note that Incredibox exists technically under two different forms: the “App” (using iOS, Android, Mac OSX or Windows) and the “website” (using a desktop browser). Depending on what you are using (app or website), we don't collect same data.

Below you can find out what personal data we collect in the app and on the website.

What personal data is collected in the app?

• Your username is collected when you save a mix. It will allow you to find your mix later via the top 50 search form.
• Your IP address is collected when you save a mix. It lets us know which country you come from so we can show the right flag in the TOP 50.
• Your UUID (this is the Universally Unique IDentifier of your device) is collected so you can locate mixes that you created using the search form.

What personal data is collected on the website?

• Your email address is collected only if you subscribe to our newsletter.
• Your username is collected when you save a mix. It will allow you to find your mix later via the top 50 search form.
• Your IP address is collected when you save a mix. It lets us know which country you come from so we can filter our TOP 50.

Data retention and deletion

We keep your personal data as long as is necessary to provide you with the Incredibox experience. Data can be deleted from our servers when it is no longer needed within a reasonable time limit. On your request, we can delete your personal data so that it no longer identifies you, but keep in mind that this will prevent you from accessing some Incredibox features, such as saving, replaying, and sharing your mixes. So if you have decided to not use our service anymore, or if you just want to delete some information, please contact us.


We are committed to doing everything we can to protect the personal data of our users. We have implemented several security measures and safeguards, and we always check that the third parties we work with do the same. But please note that no system is ever completely secure, so that's why Incredibox can't guarantee or accept liability for unintentional disclosure.

Non-personal data and third party services

To help us provide you with the best service, we use third-party services with which we share ONLY some of your non-personal data (which doesn't directly identify an individual, such as your age, gender, interests, device type, browser type, language, country, etc). This non-personal data is usually stored in cookies saved on your device (or through other technologies). Below you can find the complete list of links to our partner services:

- Google Analytics help us analyze traffic on the website (so we can better improve it).
- Google AdSense and Solve Media allow us to display ads on the website (so we can cover maintenance costs). If you click on a third-party advertisement or link, please understand that you are leaving the Incredibox website and any personal data you provide will not be covered by this Privacy Policy. Please read their privacy policies to find out how they collect and process your personal data.
- Apple Store, Google Play Store, Amazon Store and Windows Store help us analyze traffic on the desktop and mobile app (so we can get user feedback and stats). So please note that your use of Incredibox may also be subject to the terms and conditions and privacy policies of other services that we don't control (store, payment, etc).
- GeoLite2 from MaxMind allow us to detect your country (so we can filter the TOP 50 by country).
- Sendinblue (email SMTP solution) allows us to send email across the website (e.g: to send you our newsletter or when you share your mix via email).

Any questions?

If you have any questions about this policy, the processing of your data, or if you wish report a possible violation of local privacy laws, please contact us.